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With the right knowledge, language and networks anyone can fulfil their ambitions. Lifecademic offers 3 streams of highly bespoke premium services and takes on a limited number of clients. Please check availability.


Whether you’re starting out in academia or looking for a change, our consultations will reveal exclusive opportunities for your next move. £299 for 30 min. Apply for your bespoke consultation today. 


You’ve done your homework. When the time has come to expand your network of influential academic or biotech contacts, we’ll make the connections. Warm intro for £199. Exclusively available for existing clients.


Elevate your applications, proposals, CVs and papers to the Lifecademic status with this jargon and technical polishing service. 500 words for £299. Exclusively available for existing clients.


Learn the language Connect creatively Execute efficiently

Lifecademic is a bespoke suite of services for incoming life sciences professionals. It comprises senior executives across a wide range of industries both public and private. Apply for your consultation today.